Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection

Legal Help With Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can put individuals in serious danger and tear apart families. The parties to a domestic dispute deserve legal counsel and representation from attorneys who understand the laws that pertain to domestic violence.

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Unique New York Family Court Approaches

Domestic violence encompasses not just physical actions, but also mental and emotional abuse. When a family member or someone else in your household is committing violence — including assault, battery, harassment and menacing — you have the option of pursuing the matter in family court, which is focused on rehabilitation and working out problems rather than punishing anyone.

Research has shown that the intervention of the police and family court can help curb future domestic violence. It shows the person accused of violence that there are serious consequences to physical attacks, stalking or making threatening phone calls.

Experienced Dutchess County Restraining Order Assistance

Your safety is, of course, a priority, and the family court may grant you orders of protection (commonly known as a restraining order) if you are a victim of domestic violence. The accused abuser will then have the right to a hearing on whether this order becomes final.

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Fair Representation for Either Side

In any domestic violence case, both sides deserve quality legal representation. We understand that bringing, or answering, domestic violence charges is very stressful.

If your spouse has been arrested, you may lose the income he or she would normally contribute to the family. If you have been accused of this serious crime, you may have to move out of the family home and seek vigorous legal defense.

People victimized by violence need protection from the violence and strong legal advocacy toward this end.

People accused of violence face potentially devastating consequences, such as being kept away from their homes and children. They also deserve to have a lawyer who can vigorously stand up for their rights.

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