Collaborative Divorce

Resolving Divorce Through Collaboration

Many people going through a divorce recognize that they will have difficult issues to work out but would like to avoid the stressful atmosphere of the courtroom. At Brooke, Brady & Schopfer, LLP, we help Dutchess County clients explore the alternative option of collaborative divorce.

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An Agreement Not to Go to Court

In collaborative divorce, each spouse is represented by an attorney, but both the parties and their attorneys agree that the divorce will be resolved through discussion and agreement rather than by going to court or having terms imposed by a judge.

While the spouses still have a legal right to take their case to court if the collaborative divorce process is unsuccessful, the lawyers must step aside at this point, and their clients must find new counsel. This ensures that the attorneys and the clients are focused on getting to a collaborative resolution.

Keeping your divorce out of court in many cases may be healthier for your children and family, as well as being a cost-effective option. At the same time, legal representation ensures that you are aware of the law and your rights.

Collaborative Law: The Alternative That Protects Your Rights

Collaborative divorce is an innovative form of alternative dispute resolution that we believe has significant advantages over the more traditional mediation approach.

In New York, mediation generally involves a single mediator who helps the spouses come to a divorce agreement. This person may or may not be an attorney, but in either case, the mediator does not represent either spouse and therefore does not advise either spouse on her or his legal rights.

At Brooke, Brady & Schopfer, LLP, we encourage people interested in alternative dispute resolution to consider the benefits of collaborative divorce. Our Poughkeepsie collaborative divorce attorneys are also prepared to advise clients on their rights before or after a mediation session, including the review of a separation agreement.

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