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Our focus is Matrimonial and Family Law in Dutchess County, NY. We are skilled, experienced attorneys who will guide you though the difficult process dealing with family law issues such as custody, divorce, separation agreements, domestic violence, and family offenses.

In 2007 Ms. Brady was a founding partner of our predecessor firm, Brooke & Brady, LLP, now Brooke, Brady & Schopfer, LLP. Ms. Brady is considered one of the leading matrimonial attorneys in the area, and is currently the senior partner at our firm practicing only in Dutchess County, NY. She has litigated hundreds of difficult divorces in Dutchess County Supreme Court as well ad Dutchess County Family Court although her goal is to achieve a successful, timely outcome preferably by settlement. She is especially skilled in complex cases at facilitating an environment in which both sides in a case feel comfortable working cooperatively to reach a resolution through alternative dispute resolution. Ms. Brady attained her Juris Doctor degree, Magna Cum Laude, from Nova Southeastern Law University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2002.

Ms. Schopfer, an accomplished matrimonial law attorney who has extensive experience practicing exclusively in divorce and family law before the Judges located in Dutchess County, NY. She has the ability to craft a well reasoned proposal even in the most complicated financial circumstances and is able find acceptable solutions to all the issues presented by our clients’ cases. She has a stellar reputation with the courts, her colleagues, and clients. Ms. Schopfer attained her Juris Doctor degree, Cum Laude, from Syracuse University College of Law, Syracuse, New York in 2006.

Our caring attorneys have strengths in different areas so that the goals of our clients can be accomplished efficiently and promptly. Ms. Brady and Ms. Schopfer are members of the Hudson Valley Collaborative Divorce & Dispute Resolution Association, Ltd. They bring an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to divorce that offers parties an alternative to litigation. Whether we litigate or collaborate, we always strive to meet the unique needs of our the clients we serve.

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