Separation Agreements

If you are thinking about getting divorced in New York state, the attorneys at Brooke, Brady & Schopfer, LLP, recommend that you file for legal separation. It can be helpful for both divorcing spouses in several ways.

Separation agreements are basically contracts drawn up by skilled divorce attorneys to address the important issues involved in splitting up.

Here at Brooke, Brady & Schopfer, LLP, we understand that divorce is a very sensitive matter. If there are children involved, having a parent move out of the family home can be very stressful.

Our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience helping families with divorce and separation agreements. For a free initial consultation, contact a skilled family law attorney at Brooke, Brady & Schopfer, LLP, in Poughkeepsie, New York.

We Draft Separation Agreements That Are Airtight and Enforceable

A qualified lawyer at Brooke, Brady & Schopfer, LLP, will work with you to protect your interests and those of your children. Our lawyers look at key separation agreement issues such as:

  • Is joint or sole child custody right for your family?
  • Who will pay child support and how much?
  • Who will be responsible for the children’s health insurance and extracurricular costs?
  • Will spousal support be paid, and if so, how much?
  • Who will be responsible for paying the bills of the marital residence?
  • How will the assets/debts be divided?

If you do later file for divorce, the separation agreement will provide that its provisions will be part of the Judgment of Divorce.

You are free to file for no-fault divorce at any time, after the execution of an Agreement, if you and your spouse have lived in separate residences and have fulfilled all the terms of the separation agreement.

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