Equitable Distribution of Property

Skilled Property Division Advocates

One of the most legally complex issues in a divorce is the division of property and financial obligations. Even when this issue does not become contentious, legal knowledge and experience can often be very helpful in seeking a mutually beneficial result.

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Determining How To Divide Marital Property

In New York, marital property is subject to division in divorce according to the law of equitable distribution. All income and property accumulated during the marriage, with the exception of any personal injury settlements, gifts or judgments and inheritances, are considered marital property. Debts accumulated during the marriage are likewise taken into account.

Property that either spouse held before the marriage is generally not considered marital property. It can often be difficult to determine which assets are marital property and which are not, and we have extensive experience with the details of these cases.

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Understanding Equitable Distribution

“Equitable distribution” is a legal term used to describe a particular approach to dividing marital property. It does not mean the same thing as “equal” distribution, which would imply a simple 50/50 division of property.

The laws governing equitable distribution are complex. The meaning of the term differs from state to state, and under New York law, there are many nuances affecting the final outcome.

We have a great deal of experience with the division of marital assets and liabilities under New York equitable distribution law and can help you understand the factors that are relevant to your specific circumstances.

Attorney’s Fees

As of October 2010, there is a presumption that the Court shall award attorney’s fees to the less monied spouse in divorce cases. The “monied” spouse has a burden to demonstrate to the Court why an award of attorneys fees should not be made in his/her case. This presumption applies to cases commenced after October 2010. Contact an attorney in our office to discuss how this new statute will affect your case.