Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements

Protect Your Financial Interests

Unfortunately, a marriage is almost as likely to end in divorce as it is to last a lifetime. With this reality in mind, it is important for anyone with significant assets or entering into a second marriage to consider the possibility of a prenuptial agreement.

Drafting and properly executing a prenuptial agreement is a complex matter that should be handled by an experienced divorce attorney. Our attorneys at Brooke, Brady & Schopfer, LLP, can help you understand your rights, consider the many different issues a prenuptial agreement can address and candidly discuss the practical risks and rewards. Contact us today to discuss your options and legal needs during a free initial consultation at our Poughkeepsie, New York, law office.

What Can Drafting a Prenuptial Agreement Accomplish?

A prenuptial agreement may be used to protect financial assets or a family business or address other issues. New York law states that all property acquired during a marriage, with few exceptions, is marital property, unless the parties opt out with an agreement.

What Is a Postnuptial Marriage Agreement?

If you wish to protect your property but have already married, you may obtain the protection you seek through a postnuptial agreement. Some husbands and wives also use postnuptial agreements as a tool for their overall estate planning objectives.

Our Experience

Our attorneys have experience in the drafting and review of prenuptial agreements. Our law firm practices exclusively in family law, so we have handled many divorce cases in which the validity of a prenuptial agreement was at issue. Our Poughkeepsie prenuptial agreement attorneys believe that our vast knowledge and experience in this area of the law provides a distinct benefit to our clients.

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